Healthy Families Georgia

The vision of Healthy Families (HFG) is for all children to receive nurturing care from their family essential to leading a healthy and productive life.  

All Healthy Families programs in Georgia are nationally accredited, evidence-based home visiting programs. Services are designed to strengthen families beginning prenatally up to the age of 5 years of a child’s life when vital early brain development occurs.  Well trained, experienced Family Support Workers provide valuable education, community resources, and tangible support all children and families need to thrive.

The mission of Healthy Families Georgia is to promote child well-being and prevent the abuse and neglect of our children through the provision of quality, long-term, intensive home visitation services. The program is designed to strengthen nurturing parent-child relationships, promote healthy childhood growth and development and enhance family functioning.

For more information, please visit or contact Paige Ferrell, Healthy Families Georgia State Coordinator, at