Great Start Georgia is first and foremost about partnerships — partnerships at the state level, partnerships at the local level — agencies and individuals coming together to play their essential role in serving Georgia’s children.  The GSG vision is rooted in the idea that complex social issues cannot be solved by any one agency, but rather require a multi-faceted, collaborative approach. 

The leadership of Great Start Georgia comprises top administrators from Georgia’s state and non-profit agencies that are devoted to improving the lives of Georgia’s children.   Working together, this group is able to coordinate planning and share accountability for how Georgia’s children are faring.  In 2010, GOCF subcontracted funds to the University of Georgia’s Center for Family Research to provide the technical assistance, training, and evaluation for Great Start Georgia.   In 2011, GOCF subcontracted funds to Georgia’s Division of Public Health to coordinate the  Central Intake function of Great Start Georgia.  These state-level partners work closely with GOCF to provide centralized support for communities and allow the local providers to focus on the direct services that they provide to families.  The Governor’s Office for Children and Families (GOCF) is pleased to spearhead this effort and we invite you to learn more about the agencies who are striving to make a positive difference for Georgia’s children and families.